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In the course of solder, tin slag too much, how?
Publisher:admin  Release time:2011-5-27 
In the course of solder, tin slag too much, how?
1. The furnace is hand-dipped, tin slag and more problems than normal, and rarely face this problem, the customer showing yellow or purple tin surface, this situation may be customers in the process of operation is too large temperature deviations. for example, or tin furnace temperature is too high for too long without clean furnace, resulting in excessive loss of antioxidant no effect, in which case just add a small amount of antioxidant or clean furnace, and then control the furnace temperature can be solution.
2. For the peaks of tin furnace slag said too much, we must first distinguish dross is normal, in general, black powder tin slag is normal, while the tofu is not dross like normal, not normal for bean-shaped tin slag generation and the following six reasons:
① mainly due to peak furnace equipment problem: peak furnace on the market today in many parts of the design is not ideal, the peak is too high, too wide front table, use rotating twin peaks too close together and caused Ju. Peak is too high, solder fell from the peak when the temperature decreases relatively large deviation, burst into the tin solder mixed with air in the furnace caused by oxidation and dissolution half, resulting in the generation of dross. The rotation Ju no precautions, constantly overwhelmed the tin tin furnace slag, a chain reaction cycle to produce additional excited dross.
② peak furnace temperature control than is generally low, typically 250 ℃ ± 5 ℃ (for the tin for 63/37), and this temperature solder in the welding process to achieve the required minimum temperature low temperature solder can not achieve a good solution, when in use will result in the case of too much dross.
③ human relations, at the appropriate time to add the tin is also critical, plus tin is always the most appropriate time to maintain the tin surface and the peak to be the shortest distance.
④ are not always clean up dross, so that the peak fall from the tin into the oven as soon as possible, rather than stay in the top dross, uniform heating step will cause too much dross.
⑤ purity tin has a relationship, the peak heaters generally require high purity tin Wing, for example: 63/37, 60/40, impurities in the welding section of tin causes too much dross.
⑥ usual clean furnace is also critical for a long time without clear furnace, high levels of impurities will result in one of the reasons too much dross, but also regularly clean furnace for tin, generally about every six months for tin once.

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