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Russia's state precious metals from the central bank to buy 30 tons of gold library
Publisher:  Release time:2011-5-22 
Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin (Alexei Kudrin) 11 said Tuesday, the Russian State Library precious metals (Gokhran) to the Russian central bank sold 30 tons of gold, rather than the foreign sales of gold. He also said that in 2010 there will be no similar transaction.
Kudrin told reporters, Gokhran will use the proceeds from gold sales to the Russian diamond mining giant Ai Luosha Company (Alrosa) worth 31 billion to buy rubles ($ 1.08 billion) of diamonds, and may be bought in 2010 into the same number of diamonds.
Russia had previously planned to sell 20-50 tonnes of gold to ease the budget deficit, but because of the recent public sales for the news leak, the Russian government canceled the project. The beginning of the Russian government has signed an agreement to allow Gokhran sold in the year 2009, the value of 44.4 billion rubles (15.2 billion U.S. dollars) in precious metals.
Analysts suspect that the Russian government had initially planned public sale of gold authenticity, because the Russian central bank was steadily increasing its gold reserves to withstand the international financial market turmoil and weak U.S. dollar.

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