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Favorite green industry products recommended lead-free solder
Publisher:  Release time:2011-5-22 
lead-free solder is a new type of solder, in recent years, due to the demand for green, lead-free solder on a new global product development and production has become a trend. China Torch Program, 863 Program will be lead-free solder in basic research and industry as a support of national key projects.
Lead is a toxic heavy metal. The global electronics assembly industry every year to spend a lot of solder. China is a big consumer electronic products, in addition to the huge domestic market outside China's exports of electronic products accounted for about 50% of exports of electronic products requires a lot of solder, so China is the world's consumption of power solder, according to 2008 of Statistics, China's annual consumption of about 100,000 tons of solder, but also increase every year.

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