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Corporate Culture

First, the company thought

1, the corporate philosophy - Innovation for the United States seeking refinement;
2, the corporate mission - and I understand the world and the world know me;
3, enterprise policy - promoting the quality of service, enhance brand value;
4, the entrepreneurial spirit - everyone forward, everything diligent.

Second, business ideas

1, the market outlook - who should innovation, will come first;
2, the design concept - the customer in mind all the existing models are not;
3, Quality - substandard products not manufactured;
4, the product concept - so that the furniture for the performing arts;
5, the customer view - customer-oriented, friendly time soon;
6, the service concept - the world regardless of north or south, there is no loyalty Yan Liang;
7, the work ethic - to me carefully, reassuring;
8, the talent - people-oriented, set up factories in cultivation;
9, values ​​- to enjoy the success of recycling success.


Third, business development - not race horses, everyone is a talent; the world, such as villages and interaction achievements; who is leading the development, who is leading the market.
1, the talent - to attract elite talent incentive, employee progress;
2, IT - networking booth, radiation business information;
3, R & D - product development, market research, human resources development.


Fourth, corporate culture

1, operation of foreign culture
Products consensus - product design and innovation, leading the trend of furniture;
Brand consensus - forward furniture, to create value;
Value consensus - outstanding cultural values ​​and improve the quality of life;


2, the internal culture of business
The consensus - Establishing a quality concept, deeply rooted in corporate culture;

Matter of consensus - with quality, clearly the system;

Matter of consensus - of excellence, to do the best.


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