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About TTIN
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    TTIN brand (TAIXI TIN) which sets short of tin, Tin Tin is a Taiwan joint Senju Metal jointly developed and produced the popular solder brand, which is suitable for the majority of domestic small and medium enterprises, enterprises can produce cost savings and improve the solder quality. At the lowest price, highest quality, best service to develop the domestic TTIN brand market.
    TTIN solder environmental protection, natural environment mainly green production line, so that companies no longer high prices, high costs and trouble!
Taiwan Tin Tin (Hong Kong) since 1988, business has to produce high-quality lead-free solder wire, lead-free solder wire, solder wire, solder wire welding aluminum, environmentally friendly lead-free solder wire, disposable rosin core solder wire, lead-free solder wire, stainless steel welding solder wire (line), 63/37 solder wire / cable, water-soluble solder wire, cold solder wire, solder wire containing silver, nickel-tin solder, lead-free solder wire, lead-free silver solder wire, solder lines, and other special-purpose products with anti-oxidation for a long time, good weldability, environmental pollution, wetting time is short, the line evenly distributed within the resin, the surface bright spot. no odor, smoke less, non poison health of the volatile gases. Requirements applicable to a variety of high quality welding, modified joints. To help you smoothly lead-free process. The company has research and development, the proportion of various types to provide a variety of lead-free solder alloy wire for customers.
Main Products: Tin, tin-free line, lead-free flux, solder paste, tin plate, tin capsules, tin slag, tin, hardware processing, printing plate connectors. Business Type: Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan-funded enterprises. Company Registry: Hong Kong. Brand: TTIN (Taiwan tin). Major customers: the electronics industry, toy industry, metal industry, electroplating industries.

Senju Metal Description:
     Senju Metal Industry has been committed to the field of electronic and chemical products manufacturing. Uphold the maintenance of a consistent quality, research new technologies to supply the best products, the basic concept of sustainable development for the unique needs of advanced industrial products and services.
For many years, supported by various vendors, making this agency may have been more into the business and growth, and expansion of this agency in the business world. And in the semiconductor, electronic components, livelihood, Information and Communication equipment, industrial machinery, construction machinery and automobile industry to achieve the key landscape environment, but also supports the development of the company.
Taiwan Tin Tin (Hong Kong) Ltd. Profile:
     March 1988, sets the source solder manufacturer in Taiwan established in the twenty-first century, in the green wave, driven by single source started a new course of development.
1996-1998 In July, the establishment is located in Huizhou City, Taiyuan male solder products factory
May 1999, in Taiwan R & D centers set up single source solder. Chief Engineer, served by Senju Metal Chemical Co., Ltd. R & D engineers.
October 2000, the establishment of Zhongshan City, Taiwan Bo Tin Star Chemical Technology Co., Ltd..
January 2001, the introduction of environmentally friendly lead-free solder products.
August 2002, Taiwan Tin Tin (Hong Kong) Limited shares into Tin Co., Ltd. Guangdong, Guangdong has become Tin Co., Ltd. is one of major shareholders. Taiwan Tin Tin (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is located in Kingston Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong-like Tai Yau Building 181, 1st Floor, Room 1001.
November 2005, is located in Dongguan, Chang’an Town Hall, 23rd Floor, 1302 Taiwan set up branch offices, showrooms bit 02 August 2002, Taiwan Tin Tin (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is located in Kingston Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong-like Tai Yau Building, 181 1st Floor, Room 1001.
Tin Tin 2006, Taiwan (Hong Kong) Limited was established in Dongguan Changan Avenue branch port 358, Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 658 tin building.
Platform 6, 2008, Tin Tin (Hong Kong) Limited shares Senju industrial shares, together to create TTIN brand market.
December 2009 establishment of the Guangzhou Senju Metal Materials Co., Ltd., the flagship brand TTIN, the Tin Tin (Hong Kong) Limited and thousands of live industrial license to build the domestic brand market.

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